Friday, June 19, 2009

Drawing the fashion figure

Fashion illustration is a specialized branch of figure drawing. It is different from realistic drawing. The figures are tall, supple, small breasted, narrow waisted and idealized. They reflect the accepted norms of beauty. Draped in various designer or ready to wear garments to display their beauty, to the prospective buyers, they appear in catalogues, fashion magazines or at point- of –sale advertising.

Apart from the figure drawing fashion illustrations also include specs and drawing of garment details in different views. However the most important part is figure drawing. The fashion designer must be proficient in figure drawing. It is the basic requirement for a successful designer.

Whenever you want to make anything you have some vague idea of what you want to do. You have to put this on paper. You make rough drawings. Then you select one of them and proceed further to give it the concrete shape. You add measurements to become more specific, and make a final drawing. Whenever an architect wants to build a house he prepares a plan, makes detailed drawings of windows, doors etc. This is planning.

As a fashion designer when you are inspired to design any new garment you have to plan with the drawing board. You begin with drawing the figure and drape it with the dress you have in mind. You try different color schemes and when you are happy with the one; you add measurements. This is the spec from which the garment will be prepared.